Our Story

Fuck Cancer is dedicated to advancing health equity through early detection and prevention programs, and by providing resources to navigate, manage, and cope with cancer.



More than 40% of cancers are preventable if we alter our behavior (think using sunscreen, not smoking, and getting the HPV vaccine). We’re not here to tell you how to live your life, we’re here to teach you about the things that affect your cancer risk. There’s a lot we can’t control when it comes to cancer, so you should know how to stack the cards in your favor.

Early Detection

Most cancers are curable if caught in Stage One. We’re teaching people how to look for cancer instead of just finding it. Taking cancer from something we wait to get and pray there’s a cure for, to something we’re actively discovering when it’s most curable.

Practical and Emotional (aka Psychosocial) Support

Dealing with cancer is confusing and hard. But it’s not just our bodies that are affected by cancer, it’s our entire world – our hearts, minds, relationships, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a patient, caregiver, family member, or friend, cancer affects you. We’re here to help you navigate the cancer experience.


Our community isn’t just a part of Fuck Cancer, they are Fuck Cancer. What started out as a t-shirt and local events, turned into a Facebook group, which then became a movement and an organization. Our community consists of patients, caregivers, loved ones, and supporters that span generations around the world. They aren’t connected by a demographic, but by a common disease and the shared challenges and experiences that come with it. We’re here to help you on your best and worst days, and our community is always there for each other. It’s like a really, really big family, but without the embarrassing holiday photos or having to lie about liking your in-laws. 


Education Campaigns

If you can’t tell, we do things a little differently around here. We’re not researchers, we’re educators. Instead of funding research, we help people learn the things they want, should, and need to know about cancer. In an era of instant gratification, access, and “are you still watching” prompts, we create content that teaches people how to look for, prevent, and deal with cancer.

On-the-Ground Programs

We believe that people diagnosed with cancer, their families, and support networks should have equitable access to early detection, prevention, and psychosocial support. Our programs support this by using medically proven approaches to fill in where other organizations have left off.

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