Fuck Cancer's Five Minute Journal


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      At Fuck Cancer, we know it’s not just your body that’s affected by cancer, it’s also your heart, mind, and soul. That’s why we teamed up with our friends at The Five Minute Journal to create a safe space for cancer patients and caregivers to navigate what they’re going through. 

      We don’t believe in prescribing the cancer experience or censoring the reality of it (clearly). We intentionally made this journal flexible and ready for you when you’re ready for it. We don’t care when or where you write, just that you do. 

      Everything FC creates is for our amazing community and we’ve made sure that the same wit, humor, and thoughtfulness you’ve come to expect from us is seen throughout these pages. So whether you’re just meeting us for the first time or are an existing member of the FC family, we hope this journal helps when you need it most and more importantly, when you don’t even think you need it at all. 


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